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Trip Planning

start your journey with us

first step

Your first step is by visiting us either online or in-person. When you attend you can fill out a connection card that you can choose how much information you are willing to share with us. We ask that you do this so that we can contact you and help you start your journey with us. We would like the opportunity to say thanks for being our guest. A pastor customarily contacts first-time guests personally to thank them for attending. The connection card is our way to pray for you by name and also celebrate you being our guest.

You can fill out an online connection card right HERE.

NEWCOMERS Dinner graphic.jpeg

second step

Your next step is attending one of our newcomer's dinners. This is a great place where you will meet our Lead Pastor, CCC staff, and other new families at the church. This is also a perfect time to learn about CCC and what we have to offer, not to mention where your place here is as well. 

You can sign up for the next dinner right HERE.

third step

After you have attended our newcomer's dinner we will have learned a bit more about you and what you are passionate about. One of our pastoral staff will contact you and set up a meeting to help place you in the ministry of your passion and began to help you grow in your calling. If you do not know what you are called to yet that is ok too we will help you find a place at CCC that will help you grow and become part of this family.

We look forward to helping you on this journey!

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